Do you charge for consultations on criminal matters?


If I hire you, do I have to appear in court?

On a minor traffic violation, usually you would not have to appear.  On a more serious charge like DWI or a felony, then some court appearances are mandatory.  We make every effort to minimize inconvenience, missed work, etc. for our clients.

Why do you collect court costs on traffic matters up front?

When we collect and pay court costs on traffic tickets up front, the matter is truly closed when we handle it.  If we don’t pay the costs to the court when it is handled, the court will assess an extra $20 on you, plus will charge credit card fees if you pay online.  Also, if you forget to pay or if the payment system has a glitch, you can lose your license for failure to comply with the judgment.   We feel that collecting the costs up front protects your interests and gives you a true picture of the costs involved.

What do I do when I have a question?

Call or email.  Our goal is to keep you informed.  With that said, we notify clients immediately when there is substantive news in a case.  If you're waiting on a report, evidence, etc. and we haven't called you, we don't have it, but will contact you as soon as it comes in.

How will I know when my court date is?

We try to keep clients updated.  But if you’re unsure, call or email, or check any time at  Depending on the type of case, you may not need to appear – if you’re not sure if you need to come, check in with us first.

Can I see the evidence against me?

Of course.  In felony and DWI cases, we immediately request any reports, notes, pictures, video, and anything else that’s related to your case.  When we receive it, we send it to you for review.  It’s important that you know what the evidence is against you so that we can discuss it and prepare for court.

I had to go to a driving school - I can just send you a copy of the certificate, right?

Unfortunately, no.  If we had you attend a driving school, we'll need the original certificate.  That means no copies, scans, photographs, etc.  This requirement is a policy of the District Attorney's office - they will not give consideration to copies.  This means you'll need to bring us the original or mail it to PO Box 2747, Smithfield, NC 27577.