I received a citation for going 87 mph in a 65 mph speed limit area as I was transiting from VA to SC to see my family. The citation directed a mandatory court appearance 2 months later in the Johnston County courthouse in Smithfield, NC. I was very anxious about the whole situation, so after reading his reviews online, I contacted and hired Mr. Reece via his website the very next day — AND I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID!!!
I was facing a misdemeanor and a hefty fine, but he was able to get it knocked down to a “non-moving violation.”

His total fee was $350 —including the money that I paid to the State for my fine. This was my second speeding incident in NC this year, (my first ticket was over $200 for only going 15 over) so I knew that I was bound to pay A LOT more money AND likely receive
a criminal charge for going 22 over this time. I can’t imagine how much more I would have paid to the State had I gone to court myself, but I know that his fee of $350 and never having to go to court myself was significantly less costly than it would have been - and I am so grateful!

The best part was that he happened to be in traffic court the day I hired him, so he talked to the judge that same day and reduced my penalty to a non-moving violation. Rather than waiting two anxiety-filled months, I did not even have to wait a DAY before Mr. Reece resolved my issue!

I wish I could put more than 5 stars on this review but I cannot. Let this be my lesson to stop speeding.