If you are ever in need of an attorney to get you out of a pickle, Mr. Reece is who you need to contact! My husband and I were driving from New Jersey to Florida when my husband was pulled over for speeding in North Carolina. He was issued a ticket for excessive speeding. My stomach turned inside out when we were told he would have to appear in court in North Carolina a month later, this was mandatory!

I could not stop worrying about the cost of this. Court fees, ticket fees for excessive speed, the cost of flying back to NC for court date, and of course Points on his license which could surely costs us fortunes with our car insurance policy. Possibly worse, we may lose our insurance coverage and then the fees just keep piling up.

We called the court and were referred to attorney services and we were lucky enough to get Michael Reece. For what I consider a very, very small fee considering what we might have been stuck with, he handled everything! He settled it all out of court and we never even had to leave New Jersey. He was incredible and kept in touch via emails and regular mail. It was easy and stress free and we are ever grateful to Mr. Reece for his help. Best part, No points! I highly recommend him and his office!